Top 6 Challenges of using IBM RIT

While going through performance testing exercises using IBM RIT (Rational Integration Tester), you might come across some major challenges you might want to prepare yourself for beforehand. Complex Ar...

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Webcam Based App Testing

  • September 22, 2014

Recently we got the chance to test a webcam based application, which was a very interesting experience. It was designed to facilitate the Fitness trainers and trainees across the world to interact wit...

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Testing an Interactive Video App

  • September 1, 2014

Interactive Video is a technique which is used for blending interaction and linear film or video. A number of interactive video technologies have been developed in last few years that utilize new ways...

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Why LoadRunner is Just Not Enough

There’s a question I’ve been mulling over for a while now: “Is LoadRunner able to give you the actual picture on its own?” After a lot of research, I’ve come up with an answer: “Sure, If ...

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Are Testers Failed Programmers?

Software development is a bit of a thorny process. It involves the role of different individuals and not only fosters collective learning, but also helps in polishing the technical skills of everyone ...

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An Unending Squabble!

The process of the software development is a complex and complicated process and involves the interaction and collaboration of number of individuals. The most notable individuals involved in the devel...

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